"Every ending is a beginning.  We just don't know it at the time." ~Mitch Albom

Unfortunately, the time has come for the amyrdh.com site to be retired.  I want to thank all the loyal LISTERS, SPONSORS and FRIENDS of amyrdh.com for the amazing years. Due to working full-time clinically, life circumstances and enjoying all my free time with my family and two beautiful grandchildren, I no longer have time to maintain the website.  I have had such great opportunities in both my personal and professional life due to amyrdh.com and am forever grateful to those experiences and friends that have come into my life. You have forever changed my life for the better! 

Who knows? At some point, there may be a sequel to amyrdh.com and I may resume my speaking career.  At this point, I am enjoying being a grandmother too much and my family is my priority. I am loving life!!

I still do maintain a Facebook page for the listers, if you'd like to join us, click here:

I also still maintain an email community that you can join here:The Listers!

I get many emails from faculty asking where my old files and case studies are, if you are looking, please send me an email to: amyrdh@aol.com and I will send you whatever I have saved.

Thank you again to the following who have not only supported amyrdh.com throughout the years, but also have enriched my career! You can click on the links to visit the websites of these amazing dental offices, products, CE courses, and companies!!!!


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